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E-Commerce Business

End-to-End E-commerce Solution to build your E-commerce business to increasing your sales conversions.

Digital Marketing Services

Setting up your online store is just the first step. Learn how our tailor made digital marketing services help to drive traffic and increase your sales.

E-Commerce Intelligence

Knowing your business is half the battle. Understanding your customers is the other half of unlocking your online sales growth. We provide you with key tools to track browsing patterns, analyze purchasing behavior and understand exactly what your customers are doing.
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E-Commerce Technology

Enjoy a mature technology stack implementing the best practices and most efficient process flows of e-commerce business.

Customizable Strategy

No two businesses are the same. A custom solution will provide the best experience for you and your customers. We understand your business requirements and our technology can be customized to meet your unique needs.


Are you ready for mobile? Two-third of worldwide web traffic originate from mobile devices. Our responsive design is optimized for mobile and our apps support both iOS and Android.

Enterprise Integration

Don’t leave your current systems behind. Support your web endeavor with the familiar backing of your supply chain. Our e-commerce suite is designed from the ground up with industry standards in mind to facilitate integration with your existing inventory, warehouse and finance system.

Marketplace Sync

Online marketplaces are the main purchase channels on the web. Divide and conquer by establishing a point of sale on each marketplace. Our WOW Sync technology allows you to sync your products and orders automatically to all major online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, 11street, Lelong and more.

Online Marketing Ready

Building your online portfolio is more than just putting up a website. Reach out to potential customers with the most current online marketing tools. Our solution puts you on page one by integrating with major online marketing channels such as Google Ads, Facebook advertising, affiliate marketing, shop back and more.


Whether it’s today or tomorrow, your e-commerce system need to support hundreds of thousands of SKUs and orders. Maintain high uptime and low response time with a system that scales dynamically as your operations grow. Our cloud service architecture allows you to scale up on demand based on your business needs.

E-Commerce Site Analysis

What’s your e-commerce score? Gain insight on how you can improve your website to gain more customers with our free e-commerce site analysis. Contact us now.

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WOW! Commerce

Boost sales on online marketplace.
Wow Syncs integrates your sales and order seamlessly on an major marketplace.


EC Intelligence


Every customer is after something different. Convert more leads into sales by tailoring discounts and recommendations to fit their specific needs. Our technology allows you to personalize products and promotions for each customer segment on your e-commerce site, email marketing, popups, promotional banners and more.


Loyal customers don’t just pop out of thin air. To grow your relationship with repeat customers, you need to incentivize them and make them feel special. Our technology enables you to track loyal customers and provide loyalty programs, exclusive deals, one-time vouchers and even send birthday greetings.

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Marketing Services

Setting up your online store is just the first step.
Build up sales by placing your site on top of relevant search results.


Online Marketing

Turn your brand into an online sensation with effective marketing in the digital world. Instill awareness into potential customers by targeting their interests through highly-relevant keywords. We provide a wide range of marketing services including Google Ads, email marketing, dynamic retargeting, and banner production.


Social media

Speak the language of your customers with captivating posts on social media websites. Hit the headlines with our social media management services. We provide a comprehensive social media strategy that includes content and creative development, campaign development, post optimization, and social performance review.


Creative & design

Dial up the wow factor with attractive web banners, online ads and social media postings. Make a big splash with enthralling animations and viral videos. Our creative process will captivate and convert potential leads into fans of your brand.



Understand your customer behavior. Find out which channel is converting the most sales for you. Automate your purchase funnel with fully automated, personalized emails and website contents. Automatically recommend products based on customer behavior.

Case Studies

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Happy Clients

We treat customers like our business partners. Our value is measured by their business growth.

Bridzia has come in handy revamping Guardian E-Commerce Site. Due to their comprehensive knowledge in technology and E-commerce system, an improved UX has been developed to enable Guardian online shoppers to enjoy a seamless online shopping experience. It is to my pleasure to have Bridzia as part of the team cum agency and to work hand in hand to grow Guardian’s E-Commerce business!

Shirley, Senior Manager Guardian Malaysia

We embarked on our E-commerce journey with support from Bridzia and it has been a success. After meticulous planning with the professionals at Bridzia we were able to work out an E-commerce vision for our Retail business. Their team has proven to be very knowledgeable in E-commerce and provided a lot of insights into how we can build and grow our E-commerce business.

Ken Lim, Senior Manager AEON Malaysia