How Bridzia assisted MYDIN to overcome the challenges caused by COVID-19

Mydin Express

If there is one take-away from the recent Coronavirus outbreak, it is that there is a growing need for digital measures to the business world. The new global norm of social-distancing has enveloped societies of the world right down to even the simple act of grocery shopping.

Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) saw many resorting to online shopping for necessities since everyone had to stay at home. Coupled by limited business hours and long entry queues, a trip to the grocer’s became more of an inconvenience.

Naturally, all and sundry in the retail world took a hit with the lockdown but at Bridzia, we look to helping our clients emerge as success stories in these hard times.

MYDIN – a household name in wholesale and retail – is one such case. In just ONE WEEK, Bridzia helped the firm gain overwhelming positive feedback from its customers with its “Drive-Thru” service via MYDIN Express (

The click and collect e-commerce site which Bridzia developed enabled its customers to shop online and pick-up their items at a store of their choice. It was a win-win for MYDIN, as well as customers, as it reduced the need to control shopping crowds, alleviated fear of the spread of the virus and there was no long waiting hours on the part of shoppers. All customers needed to do was pick the items they needed online, select a store to pick up from, and collect their items in just two to three hours, once they are ready.

MYDIN, which has 69 outlets nationwide and sells food, household items, electrical gadgets and textiles, also managed to increase its value to customers since the MCO was implemented.

There have been many positive feedbacks stemming from the “Drive-Thru” launch besides good feedback from MYDIN’s customers. Express shopping is the new go-to for customers without having to spend hours in the store. The click and collect e-commerce site minimises risk of the spread of the virus and enables a shopping process from the get-go.

On the part of the store, lesser crowds increases the efficiency of MYDIN operations and reduces the risk of staff falling ill as well.

If we have piqued your curiosity and you are a retailer looking for a similar break-through, we can help you achieve this and allow your business to continue thriving even after the MCO is lifted.

Data presents that consumers will continue making online shopping their preferred channel so Bridzia assures you that this click and collect e-commerce site will still be useful as a long-term solution.

It won’t take us long; only seven-steps to help you achieve results. Our aim is to understand your requirements and objectives. Leave it to us to plan the design and process flow of the site to optimise user experience, develop it and run tests to ensure the site is bug-free. You won’t have to worry about training the users either, we will take care of that. Don’t wait. Success can only be three days away! Contact us now!