Listen To Us Share The Secrets Behind 900% Sales Increase Online Live On Radio

The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has forced many retailers and businesses to transform into a digital model. Lots of business realize the full potential of digital business. Our role is to provide solutions to retailers in digital business transformation and improve the business result.  

There are a few market gaps that we spotted and aim to address. First, with our Wow Sync – enable businesses to use one system to upload and manage all the products then sync it across multiple channels. As a result, the cost can be reduced without hiring multiple people to manage different channels and improve efficiencies. This is very useful to compliment omnichannel retailers who wish to integrate all existing channels completely in order to offer customers seamless shopping experience.  

Not only that, Wow Sync offers the solution for inventory inefficiency. When retailers start to sell on more channels, they often face the challenges in managing inventory across multiple channels such as overstocking & overselling, lack of visibility across multiple channels and insights. With our Wow Sync technology, such issues can be overcome whereby it can sync products and inventory almost real-time to multiple channels. You no longer feel difficulties in keeping too much inventory on hand which can be costly. It is easy to keep track of the sales and orders that come in from each channel as inventory is now automatically updated.  

How exactly we help our clients to achieve 900% sales increase? 

  • Enable inventory to sync in real-time across multiple channels. 
  • Estimate how many products actually needed on hand. 
  • Enjoy transparency in keeping track of all sales and orders come in from each channel.  
  • Save cost and maximizes inventory.  

We’re glad to have the chance to share our success stories on how we helped retailers achieve a 900% increase in sales and turn MCO challenges to new opportunities on BFM Radio.  

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